Pentacabin 001


DESIGN - Sam Ludgate | BUILD - Sam Ludgate + Josh Vyvyan

Designed for, and built with, Josh Vyvyan of Peninsula Cabins. This was the first and smallest incarnation of the Pentacabin design. Using the 'scrawl on the back of a fag packet' approach, the design was one that primarily considered the interior space. How it looked on the outside would be a secondary consideration.

Josh and I used timber grown on Josh's land, that Josh milled himself in the barn, then built the asymmetrical cabin on a second-hand low loader trailer that Josh had bought.

We reclaimed all the windows, it was only the door and the wood-burner that was bought in new.

Josh named it Dragon Cabin and you can rent a night in Dragon Cabin on air bnb here

Thanks for the excellent photos: Jack Johns