Pentacabin 002


Design - Sam Ludgate | Build - Sam Ludgate + Fergus Robertson

My client’s were Lower Shaw Farm. A beautiful small-holding, consisting a ramshackle 17th century farmhouse at the centre of multiple outbuildings, from where they run residential courses, workshops and yoga retreats.

It is also a community hub, a cafe, a theatre and events space. They wanted a spare bedroom, a writing room and a massage room for various activities they run, so I updated the design from Pentacabin 001.

I changed the cabin’s design by making it symmetrical. It was also the first time I used a galvanised steel chassis, allowing the building to be picked up and moved at any point (using a crane), instead of a trailer. This also negates the need for any concrete as a base. It can sit directly on ground pads, or ground screws.

It is to be used as an air bnb bedroom, a massage room, a writing room, and a snug. The furniture was specially designed to allow everything to have multiple purposes, considering each of its 4 uses, and anything unused in each configuration is neatly stored away.

I try and salvage as much as i can for my buildings, and this one is no different. The door was out of my dads old cottage when he remodelled it, we made it into a barn door. The windows came from a shed demolition in Folkestone, the sink was being used as a trough in the garden at the farm, the tap was from a car boot sale, and the floor came from a reclamation yard near Marlborough.

You can go and see this building. If you are ever on the M4 and just fancy a cuppa with a walk around the garden and the cabin, get in touch with them

Photo credit: Fernando Bague