Nike Lab


Concept Design - Sam Ludgate

Physical Design - W.H Skinner Cardboard

Project management - Sam Ludgate + Marcus Sharp

The Nike UK design department were struggling to find a team to work on a large scale cardboard concept that they had. I pitched this idea for a large modular sculptural environment. I didn’t know at the time, but it was for a worldwide re-brand and subsequent launch of their now ubiquitous designer off shoot, Nike Lab.

I produced it with the help of Marcus Sharp from Beam Laser Cutting and the Kent based cardboard fabricators WH Skinner

The London shows consisted of 2 installations, the main one was in Village Underground which amounted to about 400m square, and then a small installation in the Nike Lab shop in Shoreditch. Nike also created exhibitions worldwide of their collaborations with designers. My exact design was used in 5 European capital cities.