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I design and build small buildings, interior spaces and sculptures.

Coming from a fine art and set design background, I am mostly interested in natural light, materials, and textures and they educate the buildings and spaces I design. On top of that I am also fascinated with how we as humans interact with and move within our built environments.

I have designed all, made some, and project managed most of the projects that you can see on this website and it shows my favourite projects from the last 10 years.

By using the natural tones and textures of timber, beautiful fabrics, glass, repeating patterns and tessellating forms, I like to create aesthetically and emotionally stimulating environments in which we can exist. Spaces that calm the senses, and excite the imagination.


I started working in my parent's furniture wood workshop as a teenager in school holidays.

Then after school, I went to Falmouth College of Art to study Fine art sculpture.

This was followed by a 7 year stint as half of SAM + ARTHUR. A partnership with my friend Arthur De Borman as London based Art Directors. We worked from 2007 - 2014 making sets and props for TV commercials and music videos. We also started making some commercial sculpture and simple interior/furniture design.

This was followed with a three year period, designing high end domestic interior refurbishments in the French Alps with Custom.

I am now living back in Cornwall with my wife and baby son.


2010 NYC preen028web.jpg


Phone: 07972 784889